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Posted in misfits with tags on October 21, 2008 by startXtoday

The next stop on my Misfits retrospective takes us to June of 1978 and the release of the Bullet 7″.  There were 3 different presses of this.  The first press has been bootlegged a million times, but one sure fire way to tell is the 1st press has a silk screened gatefold sleeve.  The red ink from the front should bleed into the back of the front cover (see pic below.)  There are 4-5 intro grooves before the song Bullet begins.  And as always, the matrix tells the tale.  There are 1000 1st press copies with the band back cover.  Here are pics of the first press cover, insert, and inside cover.

I got my first press Bullet in a HUGE trade with a Euro friend of mine, so I knew it would be a legit copy.  


A year later, Glenn pressed 2000 copies on red vinyl, with a slightly different sleeve. The new sleeves were not silk screened.  The were printed normally with a glued seam and the back cover said “Better Dead on Red.”  It has been said that near the end of that press, a record store in Detroit ordered 100 copies.  Glenn did not have enough red to ship, but he did have extra 1st press vinyl and 2nd press sleeves.  So he “Frankensteined” them together and sent them out.  Collectors believe there to be 100 like this, but it seems very unlikely to me.  Another thought about this press: if the 3rd press did in fact go entirely to Detroit, I’m guessing less than 100 are still around.  The situation is similar to my thoughts on the Cough/Cool.  If you ever saw Roger and Me (Michael Moore’s first “real” film/documentary) Moore spent his time in the Detroit area documenting the effect of the closing of the local car manufacturing plant.  People were not able to pay their bills and were forced out of their homes, leaving belongings behind.  Again, most punks did not come from safe suburban homes with housekeepers (like some do today) so it is very possible that their record collections got left behind and trashed.  So, there should be less than 100 floating around now.