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Collection I

Posted in misfits on January 14, 2010 by startXtoday

Every Misfits 12″ has been pressed on some color or has some sort of rare variation of it.  Except for Collection I.  While the songs on the record are great, it doesn’t leave a whole lot for the “collector”.  This was first pressed on vinyl in 1988. S  ure you can find a first press copy that is still in the shrink and has the sticker on it.  There are slightly different shades of white and gloss on the center labels.  But that is next level kind of nerdary.   I guess some other differences you can look for is translucent vs opaque vinyl.  Origianl copies have plain white inner sleeves, where more recent have brown/cardboard inner sleeves.  But you really should own this just for the songs.  Get the 12″ because the cover art looks better and cooler than on the cd.  There were 3 test presses made.  Here is one of them.



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Almost 20 years after the release of Collection I and around 6 months before the box set came out, Caroline finally released another compilation of Misfits recordings, in Collection II.  This is a weird mix because some of the weaker Misfits songs are on here, but on the other hand some of the really good Misfits songs found their way to this record.  I don’t know many people who like The Misfits who don’t have both Collections.  Around the time this came out I went on a road trip with my friend Mike to take his run away girlfriend from the Pittsburgh area down to Spartanburg, SC to where are parents recently moved to.  I had an idea that I would buy this somewhere on the trip and listen to it all the way back.  Sadly I was unable to find it anywhere.  I eventually got the cd, but did not get any copies on vinyl until a few years later, which would have saved me a few bucks.  The original black copies came with a lyric sheet dust sleeve, which has been replaced in later pressings with just a plain white dust sleeve.  There are 500 on clear, which are very difficult to find.  There are also 3,500 on green and 6,000 on red.


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As a thank you to the loyal members of the Fiend Club, Glenn pressed 800 copies as a thank you and sent them out for free.  Oddly enough, this is one of the few live records I can actually listen to.  The show took place at The Whisky in LA on 4/13/82.  There are some classic Glenn moments in between songs on here.  The 800 copies that were sent out for Fiend Club members have a different cover than the common press.  This cover is a live shot of Glenn, Jerry, and Doyle.  The back cover is also unique to this press.  The back cover also has a stamp of the crimson ghost and is hand numbered on the spine of the book.  There is a bootleg of this record and the number on the back is 512.  There were some extra records left, so Glenn made 3 different covers for these.  One cover has Glenn, one has Jerry, and one has Doyle.  There are 9 full sets and one with just one sleeve.  There is a little more to these sleeves, but to discourage bootlegs and people getting ripped off I won’t talk about that.  And just like the black Horror Business, if you think you have one of these, you don’t.  The Fiend Club press have yellow center labels.  There were an extra 200 records, which were sold with the regular press sleeve.  The regular press is also available with orange center labels, 1000 pressed.

They call us walking corpses

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Spring of 1981 brought us the 3 Hits from Hell 7″.  The Misfits were in England to open some shows for The Damned.  Somehow, the band ended up not getting paid and bailed from the tour.  Glenn and Bobby went to see The Jam and there was some beef with local skins.  According to legend, Bobby took off and Glenn grabbed a piece of broken window glass for protection.  He ended up going to jail that night.  That night was the inspiration for London Dungeon.  The B side of this record is Horror Hotel and Ghouls Night Out.  Overall, this is another great 7″ by the band.  This is where Misfits collecting really began for me.  I was able to pick up a 1st press copy for $100 and I became hooked.  There was something about having the original recording in my hands that I can’t explain.  This wasn’t a digital reproduction or a repress from a year prior.  This was real, from the time the band existed.  When punk was a little different than it is now.  Not to sound like a snob (and I know there are exceptions) but things were real then.  It was fucked up kids supporting other fucked up kids.  I feel the same way about the Minor Threat- Filler 7″ as well.  Onto pressing info.

Supposedly the first press consisted of 10000 copies.  I don’t know, I find that number REALLY hard to believe.  But I will work with that number.  The more common version has grey center labels with a large hole.  There are 7000 of these.  The other 3000 have red/orange center labels, with a large hole.  The bulk of these have “R-10261” in the A side matrix and “R-10262″ on the B side.  However, there are copies without these matrix etchings, altough an actual number is unknown.

In 1986, there was talk about a 7” box set and Glenn ordered up another 800 copies.  400 on white vinyl, with red/orange center labels and a large hole.  The other 400 are on black vinyl, with red/orange center labels and a small hole.  I’ve pressed records before and this makes no sense to me.  The small hole records would have to come from different stampers, and 500 seems to make more sense pressing wise.  Maybe someone should look into this more.  Or maybe I am totally wrong.

Here are all 5 pressings.  Sadly one of the front covers has a Jerry Only signature.  Damn it.

Armies of the Hungry Ones

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So I am slacking a bit on updates.  I’ve been super busy lately, and things will continue that way for a while.  But there WILL be 13 Misfits entries before Halloween is over.  Right now, it is time to look at the last 7″ to come out of the 70’s, Night of the Living Dead.

There was a one time pressing of 2000 copies.  The reason behind that is the production is really bad.  I mean really bad.  This sucks, because Night of the Living Dead is one of the best Misfits songs.  The other 2 tracks on this record are Where Eagles Dare and Rat Fink, which is the Misfits only recorded cover song.  When I would dream about collecting Misfits records, this was on the bottom of my list due to the poor quality and I am sick and tired of Where Eagles Dare.  I know that is a pretty unpopular opinion, but after listening to the band for over 20 years, there are some things I burned out on.  I do however love the line “Let’s test your threshold of pain, let’s see how long you last.”  The first time I saw this is a store, I argued with myself about buying it.  On one hand it was a Misfits 7″.  But on the other, the cover had seen better days and the price was kinda high.  So I passed.  Not too long after I picked up a clean copy.  A few months later I got a copy with an insert in part of a big trade.  But for real, how great of a song is NOTLD?

I’ll put a knife right in you

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Well, I missed my update yesterday because I spent a majority of the day in and out of airplanes and airports.  So I am going to have to double post.  Not like you are waiting on pins and needles for a daily update anyway.

Today’s entry will focus on the Horror Business 7″.  This was also recorded in 1979, in an abandoned haunted house.  Well, that part is not true despite what the insert says.  This is the first time the band used the Crimson Ghost as part of their logo.  Glenn had some issues with getting this record released.  His order was under the plant minimum, so he had the plates shipped to another plant.  He managed to convince plant #1 to run 25 copies for an upcoming show.  Most of these were used to send to promoters in hopes of getting them some shows.  These 25 black copies are some of the most sought after Misfits records.  I know, you have this is in your collection.  Wrong.  You have a black Horror Business, but your copy is a bootleg.  Trust me.  There was only one press of this, 2000 copies on clear gold vinyl.  As far as I know, this has never been bootlegged on the correct color.  While Glenn was going through the records, he discovered approximately 20 copies that had the A label on both sides.

As if that wasn’t a big enough headache for collectors, there were also issues with the covers.  The original back cover had the band standing in a creepy doorway or something.  When the covers came back from the printer, Glenn was bummed out.  He loved the picture and still wanted to use it.  So a new back cover was made.  The new back cover was inferior to the original.  Most of the original sleeves were destroyed by Glenn and Bobby cutting them in half with plans to use the front as promo items.  Around 100 cut sleeves survived the dumpster, as well as 30 or so that didn’t get cut.  There are also some uncut, unfolded sleeves out there as well.  Oh yeah, a majority of the new sleeves are all split down the right side.  I have one without a seem split, but somehow the top of the sleeve is ripped up a little.  Did this give you a headache?

In the pictures below are a regular copy, a copy with a cut alternate sleeve, and a double A side label with uncut alternate sleeve.

Ride Johnny Ride

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The next stop on my Misfits retrospective takes us to June of 1978 and the release of the Bullet 7″.  There were 3 different presses of this.  The first press has been bootlegged a million times, but one sure fire way to tell is the 1st press has a silk screened gatefold sleeve.  The red ink from the front should bleed into the back of the front cover (see pic below.)  There are 4-5 intro grooves before the song Bullet begins.  And as always, the matrix tells the tale.  There are 1000 1st press copies with the band back cover.  Here are pics of the first press cover, insert, and inside cover.

I got my first press Bullet in a HUGE trade with a Euro friend of mine, so I knew it would be a legit copy.  


A year later, Glenn pressed 2000 copies on red vinyl, with a slightly different sleeve. The new sleeves were not silk screened.  The were printed normally with a glued seam and the back cover said “Better Dead on Red.”  It has been said that near the end of that press, a record store in Detroit ordered 100 copies.  Glenn did not have enough red to ship, but he did have extra 1st press vinyl and 2nd press sleeves.  So he “Frankensteined” them together and sent them out.  Collectors believe there to be 100 like this, but it seems very unlikely to me.  Another thought about this press: if the 3rd press did in fact go entirely to Detroit, I’m guessing less than 100 are still around.  The situation is similar to my thoughts on the Cough/Cool.  If you ever saw Roger and Me (Michael Moore’s first “real” film/documentary) Moore spent his time in the Detroit area documenting the effect of the closing of the local car manufacturing plant.  People were not able to pay their bills and were forced out of their homes, leaving belongings behind.  Again, most punks did not come from safe suburban homes with housekeepers (like some do today) so it is very possible that their record collections got left behind and trashed.  So, there should be less than 100 floating around now.