Collection I

Every Misfits 12″ has been pressed on some color or has some sort of rare variation of it.  Except for Collection I.  While the songs on the record are great, it doesn’t leave a whole lot for the “collector”.  This was first pressed on vinyl in 1988. S  ure you can find a first press copy that is still in the shrink and has the sticker on it.  There are slightly different shades of white and gloss on the center labels.  But that is next level kind of nerdary.   I guess some other differences you can look for is translucent vs opaque vinyl.  Origianl copies have plain white inner sleeves, where more recent have brown/cardboard inner sleeves.  But you really should own this just for the songs.  Get the 12″ because the cover art looks better and cooler than on the cd.  There were 3 test presses made.  Here is one of them.


2 Responses to “Collection I”

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    I might have already talked to you via a different website, it’s in regards to Misfits collection.

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