Stabbed in the Back!

I was sitting here thinking of what record I wanted to do an entry for today.  While going through photos, Stabbed in the Back come on my ipod.  Now I love Break Down the Walls.  I own many, many different copies of the record.  Over time, I will revisit this record with photos of the different pressings, but today I am just going to focus on the Posi Numbers press.

This record is limited to 60 copies, and was sold at the 2002 Positive Numbers Festival.  I was sitting with Donny Mutt selling One Up merch, along with Start Today Fanzine and Cut The Tension Fanzine shirts and zines.  I saw a kid walk past with the record and I nearly jumped out of my skin to talk to him.  I asked where it came from, he mumbled something about outside and pointed to the door.  I rushed outside and tried to locate the records.  I saw someone selling them from the trunk of a car (possibly Greg Bacon, but I am not 100% sure.)  I kinda weaseled my way in and to my surprise, found out the record did not sell out yet!  I gave my $8 (maybe $10) and headed back to our table with my major score.  Later that weekend I picked up a copy of What Holds Us Apart on clear for $20.

The story behind the record goes something like this.  There were 60 copies on white that the covers were REALLY beat up sitting at the Rev warehouse.  Instead of totally scrapping them, someone had an idea to do a special cover for it.  They are silk screened covers on a weird felt-like paper.  Rev also made matching t-shirts, which I did not pick up.  So if someone has a large they want to trade or sell, please get in touch.


3 Responses to “Stabbed in the Back!”

  1. jeff
    i dig your website, some good stuff on here, keep up the good work. I wanted to see if you had anymore of those first step 7’s left?
    take care

  2. Hey Carlos
    I forgot to email you back..sorry about that!!! Expect an email later today.

  3. i so wish i had chased this a few years ago. a couple of weeks back, one went for just over $175. damnit.

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