Those days are gone man

There are a few awesome record collecting blogs going on right now, and that has inspired me to do a quick update.  I really really want to update this blog more frequently, but to be honest my life has been beyond crazy the past few months.  I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet.  Today’s record is the Revelation Records pressing of JUDGE- NEW YORK CREW.  After 3 presses on Schism Records, Rev took over on this.  I believe they even used the same plates as the Skiz version, as the Kellogs matrix is the same.  There were 1000 presses on blue vinyl.  What sets this copy apart is heavy black swirls.  This came from Double Decker records a few years ago.  I guess some guy brought some old Rev colored vinyl in (maybe he had a store at one point) including a sealed Bringing It Down on green and this copy.  It is dead mint, and never been played.  It is one of the coolest looking records I own.  I know of one other copy with black swirls, but I am sure there are more.


One Response to “Those days are gone man”

  1. I really really really want you to keep posting too. come on man, keep it up. Even if they are short like this one they’re still good.

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