We’re Back!

You’d think with a title like that, I’d post about We’re Not in This Alone.  But I am not.  It’s been quite sometime since I added anything to this blog.  My 13 days of Halloween didn’t go as planned.  Of course I will post more Misfits stuff as well as some Samhain.  To get things rolling again, time to break out one of the record that is on a lot of want lists, Judge- Chung King Can Suck It.  Like many people, this record was on the top of my list for years.  The thing was hard to get a hold of from the day it was pressed, and always got top dollar for the time.  Sometimes I go through old classified sections of MRR and see people selling, trading, or begging for a copy of this.  I kept my eyes and ears open for years in hopes of getting my very own copy.  I also made it known that I wanted a Chung King because maybe someday somone would sell not on ebay and I’d have a fair crack at it.  Then it happened.  I checked my email and there was an email asking if I was still looking for a Chung King.  I instantly replied that I was and checked my email about every 10 minutes for the next couple hours waiting for more info.  A few months prior, the guy who had emailed me was getting rid of a Floorpunch 7″ on gold and I set the sale up for him.  I finally got a reply stating that a friend of his is thinking about selling.  I told him to get me a price and I will make it happen.  I gave some numbers I was willing to toss at it and hoped for the best.  Late that night, I got another email with a final price and I was fine with it.  I couldn’t believe I was finally going to get a Chung King.  The best part was I lived in Philly at the time and the record was in Philly so I did not have to worry it getting lost or broken in the mail. 

It was decided that the guy who emailed me would pick the record up and deliver it to my house.  Can’t beat that kind of service!  This was on a Tuesday.  I sat in my computer room because it was near my front door for hours that night, but he never did show up.  I jumped on AIM and he was on!!  I asked where he was and all that jazz and he said he was not able to pick the record up and would get it tomorrow.  I said that was fine and spent a painfully long day at work just waiting and hoping.  That night, I know this is sounding like a bad joke, the exact same thing happened.  I called him and he told me I was getting the record and not to worry.  He would pick it up on Thursday and I would get it on Friday.  I told him I would come pick it up, just tell me where to go.  The next day was Friday, December 10.  I worked out in the Philly suburbs and the record was a few towns over, so my friend Mike and I left straight from work to pick up the record.  It was cold and raining and traffic was horrible!  I called 2 or 3 times to say we were on the way and not to leave.  We finally reach our desitination and go into the warehouse (it housed a couple small hardcore labels.)  He came out of the back with the record still in the mailer that was sent to the owner before me.  With a shaky hand, I carefully took the record.  I was trying not to be too big of a dork and fought back a pretty big smile.  Money changed hands, I said my thank yous, and Mike and I were off to my house.  I couldn’t wait to listen to it.  Once in the privacy of my house, I got to take the time to examine every little detail from the insert to the cover.  I’m actually listening to it right now as I am typing this.

In case you do not know the sotry, Judge recorded thier first lp at Chung King Studios in NYC.  At first everyone liked it, but that changed once Mike Judge felt it could have been better.  Jordan Cooper decided in an attempt to recover some money that was going to be lost, there would be a very limited press of the original recording.  He orderd 100, but 110 copies showed up.  Some went to the band, some went to people who pre-ordered Bringing It Down, and some stayed at Revelation (where some still remain.)  This summer will be the 20 year anniversary of this record.  At this point, most are accounted for and very few will change hands.  There are also around 8 tests (there might be more than that) so if by chance you have one or know of one, let me know.  Now some pictures.



6 Responses to “We’re Back!”

  1. Hey Jeff,

    nice Chung King story!!
    I should post the story of CK #60 too! You know it…

    I got the beware 12″ today. It`s original! Great score.

    All the best


  2. Good story. And good to have you back.

  3. Nice! Good to see you back in the blogging world.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That would make a nice candy dish.

  5. i heard about this as if the russians were attacking the US. lets just say, the current owner was one happy chappy.

    i hate that he actually plays it though, thats when accidents happen 😦

  6. dude who owns just another day records has a test 😛

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