More Evilive

1987 saw the re-release of the Evilive 7″, but this time it was a 12″ with some extra songs.  There were 2000 on clear green vinyl and a ton on black.  The record has remained in print since the release, but only the 1st press is on color.  The sleeve on this press has the top “M” of the Misfits cut off, and there is a bar code on the back sleeve.  If you come across a sealed copy of this and are wondering if maybe it is on color, there should be a round sticker on the top right of the cover that says Colored Vinyl.  Oddly enough, there are some that are still sealed.  There are also difference in the center lables, the represses just have a big Caroline logo and no mention of Evilive Music.  This was the first Misfits record I heard.  Not exactly the best starting point because The Misfits were kinda sloppy live and this recording shows that.  But it is also full of random Danzig quotes, so I guess it is worthwhile.  The next Misfits release I got was Walk Among Us, which was in my opinion their best release until 12 Hits from Hell came out (sort of.)  My lunch break is almost over, so here are some pics.


2 Responses to “More Evilive”

  1. what happened to 13 entries? i was looking forward to more!!!

  2. recordnerd Says:

    Hey Mark, I had the best plans to do all 13 days, but I was in New Orleans for the first few days and then got wrapped up with work and one of my best friend’s weddings so I was never able to take pics of my Legacy of Brutality, Earth AD, Walk Among Us, and Static Age collections. I will be adding them so keep checking back.

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