As a thank you to the loyal members of the Fiend Club, Glenn pressed 800 copies as a thank you and sent them out for free.  Oddly enough, this is one of the few live records I can actually listen to.  The show took place at The Whisky in LA on 4/13/82.  There are some classic Glenn moments in between songs on here.  The 800 copies that were sent out for Fiend Club members have a different cover than the common press.  This cover is a live shot of Glenn, Jerry, and Doyle.  The back cover is also unique to this press.  The back cover also has a stamp of the crimson ghost and is hand numbered on the spine of the book.  There is a bootleg of this record and the number on the back is 512.  There were some extra records left, so Glenn made 3 different covers for these.  One cover has Glenn, one has Jerry, and one has Doyle.  There are 9 full sets and one with just one sleeve.  There is a little more to these sleeves, but to discourage bootlegs and people getting ripped off I won’t talk about that.  And just like the black Horror Business, if you think you have one of these, you don’t.  The Fiend Club press have yellow center labels.  There were an extra 200 records, which were sold with the regular press sleeve.  The regular press is also available with orange center labels, 1000 pressed.


2 Responses to “Evilive”

  1. Wow that Fiend Club only record info is amazing. Did you pay extra for that one compared to the regular copy price? Or did you trade?

  2. recordnerd Says:

    Typically the Fiend Club press is at least twice the average price of a regualr press. I was able to pick my copy up for a really good price!

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