Almost 20 years after the release of Collection I and around 6 months before the box set came out, Caroline finally released another compilation of Misfits recordings, in Collection II.  This is a weird mix because some of the weaker Misfits songs are on here, but on the other hand some of the really good Misfits songs found their way to this record.  I don’t know many people who like The Misfits who don’t have both Collections.  Around the time this came out I went on a road trip with my friend Mike to take his run away girlfriend from the Pittsburgh area down to Spartanburg, SC to where are parents recently moved to.  I had an idea that I would buy this somewhere on the trip and listen to it all the way back.  Sadly I was unable to find it anywhere.  I eventually got the cd, but did not get any copies on vinyl until a few years later, which would have saved me a few bucks.  The original black copies came with a lyric sheet dust sleeve, which has been replaced in later pressings with just a plain white dust sleeve.  There are 500 on clear, which are very difficult to find.  There are also 3,500 on green and 6,000 on red.


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