They call us walking corpses

Spring of 1981 brought us the 3 Hits from Hell 7″.  The Misfits were in England to open some shows for The Damned.  Somehow, the band ended up not getting paid and bailed from the tour.  Glenn and Bobby went to see The Jam and there was some beef with local skins.  According to legend, Bobby took off and Glenn grabbed a piece of broken window glass for protection.  He ended up going to jail that night.  That night was the inspiration for London Dungeon.  The B side of this record is Horror Hotel and Ghouls Night Out.  Overall, this is another great 7″ by the band.  This is where Misfits collecting really began for me.  I was able to pick up a 1st press copy for $100 and I became hooked.  There was something about having the original recording in my hands that I can’t explain.  This wasn’t a digital reproduction or a repress from a year prior.  This was real, from the time the band existed.  When punk was a little different than it is now.  Not to sound like a snob (and I know there are exceptions) but things were real then.  It was fucked up kids supporting other fucked up kids.  I feel the same way about the Minor Threat- Filler 7″ as well.  Onto pressing info.

Supposedly the first press consisted of 10000 copies.  I don’t know, I find that number REALLY hard to believe.  But I will work with that number.  The more common version has grey center labels with a large hole.  There are 7000 of these.  The other 3000 have red/orange center labels, with a large hole.  The bulk of these have “R-10261” in the A side matrix and “R-10262″ on the B side.  However, there are copies without these matrix etchings, altough an actual number is unknown.

In 1986, there was talk about a 7” box set and Glenn ordered up another 800 copies.  400 on white vinyl, with red/orange center labels and a large hole.  The other 400 are on black vinyl, with red/orange center labels and a small hole.  I’ve pressed records before and this makes no sense to me.  The small hole records would have to come from different stampers, and 500 seems to make more sense pressing wise.  Maybe someone should look into this more.  Or maybe I am totally wrong.

Here are all 5 pressings.  Sadly one of the front covers has a Jerry Only signature.  Damn it.


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  1. Excellent write up, really informative.

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