Armies of the Hungry Ones

So I am slacking a bit on updates.  I’ve been super busy lately, and things will continue that way for a while.  But there WILL be 13 Misfits entries before Halloween is over.  Right now, it is time to look at the last 7″ to come out of the 70’s, Night of the Living Dead.

There was a one time pressing of 2000 copies.  The reason behind that is the production is really bad.  I mean really bad.  This sucks, because Night of the Living Dead is one of the best Misfits songs.  The other 2 tracks on this record are Where Eagles Dare and Rat Fink, which is the Misfits only recorded cover song.  When I would dream about collecting Misfits records, this was on the bottom of my list due to the poor quality and I am sick and tired of Where Eagles Dare.  I know that is a pretty unpopular opinion, but after listening to the band for over 20 years, there are some things I burned out on.  I do however love the line “Let’s test your threshold of pain, let’s see how long you last.”  The first time I saw this is a store, I argued with myself about buying it.  On one hand it was a Misfits 7″.  But on the other, the cover had seen better days and the price was kinda high.  So I passed.  Not too long after I picked up a clean copy.  A few months later I got a copy with an insert in part of a big trade.  But for real, how great of a song is NOTLD?


2 Responses to “Armies of the Hungry Ones”

  1. i’m starting to not like you

  2. recordnerd Says:

    Don’t be a ninny.

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