I’ll put a knife right in you

Well, I missed my update yesterday because I spent a majority of the day in and out of airplanes and airports.  So I am going to have to double post.  Not like you are waiting on pins and needles for a daily update anyway.

Today’s entry will focus on the Horror Business 7″.  This was also recorded in 1979, in an abandoned haunted house.  Well, that part is not true despite what the insert says.  This is the first time the band used the Crimson Ghost as part of their logo.  Glenn had some issues with getting this record released.  His order was under the plant minimum, so he had the plates shipped to another plant.  He managed to convince plant #1 to run 25 copies for an upcoming show.  Most of these were used to send to promoters in hopes of getting them some shows.  These 25 black copies are some of the most sought after Misfits records.  I know, you have this is in your collection.  Wrong.  You have a black Horror Business, but your copy is a bootleg.  Trust me.  There was only one press of this, 2000 copies on clear gold vinyl.  As far as I know, this has never been bootlegged on the correct color.  While Glenn was going through the records, he discovered approximately 20 copies that had the A label on both sides.

As if that wasn’t a big enough headache for collectors, there were also issues with the covers.  The original back cover had the band standing in a creepy doorway or something.  When the covers came back from the printer, Glenn was bummed out.  He loved the picture and still wanted to use it.  So a new back cover was made.  The new back cover was inferior to the original.  Most of the original sleeves were destroyed by Glenn and Bobby cutting them in half with plans to use the front as promo items.  Around 100 cut sleeves survived the dumpster, as well as 30 or so that didn’t get cut.  There are also some uncut, unfolded sleeves out there as well.  Oh yeah, a majority of the new sleeves are all split down the right side.  I have one without a seem split, but somehow the top of the sleeve is ripped up a little.  Did this give you a headache?

In the pictures below are a regular copy, a copy with a cut alternate sleeve, and a double A side label with uncut alternate sleeve.


2 Responses to “I’ll put a knife right in you”

  1. horror bizz as i call it, is in my top 3 favorite misfits songs. i would still love to own this one day. alternate sleeve is hands down the coolest. when i was young and listening to this song, every time “ill put a knife right in you, im warning you”, we would stab each other. ohhh to be young.

  2. I do happen have a copy on black vinyl. And yes, it is one of the original 25 pressed.

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