One Up- The Demo

I always wanted to do a record label.  I talked about it for years.  Well in 2003, I sold off most of my comic book collection to get things rolling.  When Zac let me hear the Blacklisted demo, I wanted to do their record because I knew it would be awesome.  But at the time, I had no label and no money for a label so I missed the boat on that one.  I was also really into the Have Heart demo at the time.  When I talked to them about releasing something, Justin told me Thinkfast was going to release a new 7”.  So we talked a little more and decided I would do a 7” for their demo.  The original plans were for them to re-record it.  It was taking a very long time for things to come together.  In the meantime, Donny Mutt gives me a call and asks if I wanted to release the One Up demo as a 7”.  He told me he had the layout done, and everything was ready to be sent to the plant.  I love One Up, they are really good friends of mine, so how could I pass it up?  Plus Donny lived right down the street from me and we could figure this whole process out together.  The only problem I had was 2 of the songs got reversed on the master cd (thanks to iTunes) and I have to have new labels made.  The songs might be in the wrong order on the back cover too.  I know I am biased because I put this out, but this is one of my all time favorite straight edge records.  I’m pretty sure Donny just played Floorpunch songs backwards when writing this.  I wish United didn’t toss the stampers, because I would LOVE to repress this.


1st press:

13 test presses


Around the time I put this out, there was a certain Euro who was paying top dollar for records and giving me endless headaches.  One day he snaked a copy of Break Down the Walls on blue from me and that was my breaking point, hence this cover.


100 coke bottle clear, screened inside cover and numbered.


7 coke bottle clear with acetate cover.  I found the vinyl when I was moving.  I guess United sent me 107 copies and I just put the extra 7 aside.


15 copies with black swirl.  Obviously this is the best looking one.


325 black with regular sleeve.


75 black with Posi Numbers 2004/Boys Just Want to Have Fun sleeve.


2nd press

150 on white


50 with screened inside covers.  Donny was always into making different designs for One Up.  I came home from work one day and he was in my basement, setting up these screens.  We wanted to do the entire press like this, but after about 50 we started having issues with the screens.  I think it is a pretty cool cover, even if I still have no idea what it means.



5 Responses to “One Up- The Demo”

  1. Thanks for this. I hope the same will follow for the rest of the Bottled Up releases in time. I need to know what I’m chasing.

  2. I love One Up. I need to get on tracking down the demo on vinyl.

  3. Barfighter REALLY want that test press. what ever happened to that dude

    one up 7″ – VERY underrated.

    coke bottle clear is the most croosh of colors

  4. could we get the complete pressing info (all colors, how many, all covers) for this? i’m sure we’d all like to know what we need to finish the collection!

  5. recordnerd Says:

    All the pressing info is in the post.

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