Uniform Choice- Screaming for Change

I decided to start this blog to talk about my favorite records.  As much as I enjoy a record collection thread on message boards, I also like to talk about the pressing info, where it came from, and what is actually on the record.  I would like to update the regularly, but who knows if that will really happen.


First up is Uniform Choice- Screaming for Change.  When I first started listening to punk and hardcore, I heard a lot of talk about how great Uniform Choice was.  This was around the time Staring into the Sun was released, so I got that record.  Upon listening to it, I found myself wondering why people were so into a band that was so bad.  Over the years I would put it on every now and then in hopes that I would “get it.”  I never did.  You also need to remember this was pre-internet so I couldn’t just download whatever I wanted in a matter of minutes.  In 2001 my friend Donny let me listen to Screaming for Change.  Within seconds, I became so angry that I bought the wrong record in 1989.  All these years I could have been enjoying this record.  I could sense a lot of influence by Minor Threat, so that was ok with me.  Overall, my Screaming for Change collection is weak.  Someday I will bulk it up a little.


1st press.  When I pulled this out to take the photo, my copy is REALLY beat and has no insert.  If anyone wants to work out a trade for some UC stuff, get in touch.


Red vinyl.


I got this from my friend Todd for my birthday.  It was a cool surprise.  Thanks Todd.



4 Responses to “Uniform Choice- Screaming for Change”

  1. I kick myself every time I see a copy of the UC album with “that dude” on the back cover ( who was that guy..haha) ..I had one with the poster and all that jazz..you know when this lp came out I remember people slagging it off cos they said it was a total Minor Threat ripoff..whatever..

  2. Wow, over 10 years of listening to the wrong record.
    This is one of my fave LPs ever. I have the first press with the poster/sticker. Stunning LP and great photos.

  3. I was just talking about how great this record is with a friend last weekend. Despite the blatantly stolen songs (Skewbald), it still rips hard.

  4. Too funny…I did the same thing with 7 Seconds buying Soulforce Revolution first. Doh!

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